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  • Preview: "Deck'On Street Art"

    It's about that time again, the Deck'on Street Art show presented by LAST Concept kicks off another year bringing together Cope2, Fafi, Flying Fortress, Katre, Miss.Tic, Momies, Nasty, Nick Walker, Quik and Zest. A total of 10 artists each designing a limited edition series of skateboard triptychs in an edition of 30 each.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday August 23, 2012

  • Skate: 5BORO at Da Playground

    The 5BORO team takes it to The Kayo Corp private training facility in Atlanta for a quick edit inside Da Playground.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday July 05, 2012

  • Odd Future OFWGKTA Skate Decks

    In recent news, Odd Future has released a super limited line of skateboards to back up their recent tear through the music industry. Three separate graphics are now available on Firnamant's Online Store.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday June 28, 2012

  • Skate: Morgan Smith pro for Blind

    Blind Skateboards welcomed Morgan Smith into the pro ranks this past week. In conjunction with his pro model debut; Blind released a solid minute of footage from Morgan stomping around some classic New York City street spots.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday June 21, 2012

  • Skate: Lucas Puig Adidas X Cliche board

    In preparation for Lucas's new pro shoe coming out this summer; Adidas and Cliche Skateboards teamed up to bring you a limited edition Lucas Puig board.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday June 20, 2012

  • Skate: Casey Rigney for Arcade Skateboards

    Casey Rigney is now pro for Arcade Skateboards. Check out this compilation of his footage from the past year to see why!

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday June 14, 2012

  • Skate: Habitat Summer 2012 Catalog

    Habitat Skateboards just released a fresh run of graphics and colorways for Summer 2012. More after the jump.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday June 14, 2012

  • Ride Kate Moss with these new 'Skate Moss' Decks

    It all started out as a mispronounciation by a guy named Jeff Gaudinet, while conversing about both skateboarding and Kate Moss, "Skate Moss" were the words that left his mouth but later became a new project of his.

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday May 29, 2012

  • Rime Rocks Zoo York: 7 New Pro Series Skateboard Decks

    The latest Pro Series of decks from Zoo York features 7 new designs painted by Rime MSK. In this video by The Seventh Letter Rime rocks piece after piece flipping the Zoo York name in a variety of styles. Check it out, as well as the final designs, after the jump.

    ©12ozProphet - Monday January 16, 2012