TATS threatens to Sue Fiat Over Use of Bronx Graffiti Mural in Ad

By - Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

TATS Cru said they were enraged when they saw their “I Love the Bronx” mural in Jennifer Lopez’s car commercial, but their attorney said they won’t pursue legal action. “At this point we are in active discussions,” said Stacey Richman. A Fiat spokeswoman said the company just learned about the copyright issue. “It is the Company’s standard protocol to require that its ad agencies conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure that all trademarks and copyrights are respected in the course of producing our advertisements.” The artwork, located on 1156 E. 165th St. in the Bronx, caused a firestorm when the artists claimed the carmaker used it without their permission. In the commercial the diva is seen driving and passing a colorful mural that says “I Love the Bronx.” “It was a project in combination with the Bronx Borough President’s office to beautify the area and show pride in the Bronx… in our community,” Richman said. The graffiti episode comes after the commercial came under a different type of scrutiny following a Smoking Gun report that Lopez didn’t even shoot it in the Bronx. The “On the Floor” star reportedly used a body double and did a voiceover in Los Angeles. Still, Richman doesn’t blame “Jenny from the Block,” and believes she had “nothing to do with the creation of the commercial.” “I think as part of the commercial she is part of the brand and part of the talent,” she said. Wilfredo Feliciano, a member of the TATS Cru agreed, but said Lopez has to be responsible for whatever she’s associated with. “I definitely don’t think it was her fault,” Feliciano said. “But, at some point, if you are repping the place you have to be accountable for what your people are doing.” Below is a still of the TATS Cru mural in the Fiat advertisement. While we were at it, we also took screen shots of this Cern mural being painted in the advertisement and an Easy tag in the background of another shot. Source: Fox News Latino

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