By - Monday, November 25th, 2013

Tentlegs Family have been a small company for a while now, releasing very limited runs of crews and tees. Until now. “Tentlegs Family, or TL, is a brand which does not accept the notion “it has all been done before,” nor do we believe “if you can’t beat them, join them.” We believe that less is usually more, and it’s harder to do a simple thing with style than it is to do a more complicated thing without it. With roots in various different art forms such as graphic design, photography, and graffiti, the brand has been raised to feel that biting other people’s or company’s styles is simply unacceptable. It is all well and good to gain inspiration from a piece of work, but direct replication and blatant rip-offs are not what TL is about, we work hard to design what we believe to be unique quality garments that are only available in limited quantities. It is also through these previously mentioned art forms that Tentlegs has learned the most important thing in life is family; whether it be blood-line, or the crew – TL Family looks after their own kind and are always eager to grow.” This is the Tentlegs Family mission statement. Presenting the first of their 5 panel range, the TL STEALTH 5 panel features a leather patch and a ganja satin lining. These things are limited and flying off the shelves so grab one before they sell out! BUY THEM HERE: http://tentlegsfamily.bigcartel.com/

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