THC at Casa Batsu Art Collective in San Pedro, Costa Rica

By - Monday, June 8th, 2015

Set on a rainy Saturday night, the THC crew celebrated 10 years of hardcore graffiti in Costa Rica. Its founder, Mush, was among the first generation of graffiti artists in Costa Rica. Having organized the event at the art collective “Casa Batsu” in San Pedro, graffheads gathered for a night of sketching, international art and hip hop. 

The original THC crew (Team Hard Core, est. 1992) from Los Angeles shells out its respect to its Central American counterpart by sending out several canvases, stickers and memorabilia to be exhibited  at the show.

Saints, Peya, Vile




 This venue is located in a neighborhood where artists dominate, the building is old and is styled with victorian architecture. At the entrance, there is one of the few real graffiti shops “El Hidrante.”


The flow that is being developed here is unique. It’s different and recognizable. THC is pushing this movement day by day. Todos Hermanos Centroamericanos is getting down in Latin America, with members in several countries. Because of its diversity, various writers could only be present through their displayed art.

Sonar, Kien, Echo





As the night went on, the rain died down and more people started showing up. The microphones turned on and freestyle sessions started. Writers started trading styles in black-books. Stickers were being given away left and right.

Graffiti in Costa Rica is about 20 years old, and it is easy to understand why most active individuals within the scene know one another. What we have here is still growing which gives way to a special time where The Highest Connection is present and holding it down in Latin America.



Check out the “Casa Batsu” art collective Facebook page to see more.

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