The 2014 Invitational Vintage Label Show

By - Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Once again is bringing an amazing collection of work to the masses with it’s 2014 Invitational Vintage Label Show, one not to be missed by any true can collector. Curated by PJAY ONE & ZEUS TDC, this collection or rare and vintage spray can labels used as canvas by an assortment of some of the best writers to ever pick up a can will be available for sale beginning Sunday, June 15. Most of the artists are listed on the promo flyer, but there are also a few surprises that are as yet unnamed. PJAY ONE gave 12oz answers to a few questions we had about the show that we felt you might have as well.
How did you become the curator of this unique collection of works?
Well seeing how I first pioneered the first framed spray paint label in 2001, it would seem natural. I’ve always held the artists that are presently in my line up in the highest of esteem, even those few with whom I may have had differences within the past. It is, by and through our artistic visions that we are able to put aside what may have transpired, and go forward for the sake of art, as well as the sake of preserving and recognizing graffiti history. Mutual respect as well as credibility, also has a lot to do with. To be able to draw a quality line up that’s a tell tale sign of a recognition of quality. Also, since it is widely known that I have the largest vintage spray paint collection of rarity and quality, it would seem only natural that I should be the one to curate this show. The other collectors who may have a few of the cans that I’m using for this show, could/would never provide the amount of labels needed for this show, either in the sheer number of labels needed, nor could they provide the extremely rare labels (over 100 Rust-oleum big faces etc) being offered as well. In short, people expect and demand quality. And I am more than happy to provide them with it.

Are all of these labels from cans in your personal collection? how many years have you been collecting cans?

Basically, I began collecting spray paint immediately upon entering upon the graffiti scene. The year was 1978. And when using spray paint, you immediately recognized which paint worked best. Which brand was for certain colors? Which regional areas had the hard-to-find brands and colors? Thus, you were forced to stock up and hoard certain colors when racking in certain areas. Say you went out of your area, to the one store that had Sandalwood Tan. Then when you entered that particular store you fought with your racking partner over the Sandalwood Tans on the shelf, hoping to fill up your allotted 16 racking spots of your person, all with Sandalwood Tan. Now when you returned home, you didn’t use all of 16 cans of Sandalwood Tan no time soon. Yet. They joined their place within your stock and now you have say 26 Sandalwood Tans. Hence, the collection begins. And you’re soon overrun with cans! Are all of these labels from cans within my collection? No. I’ve given a fellow can collector Zeus the opportunity to contribute towards this venture. And after having realizing that nothing truly lasts forever as well, coupled with the opportunity to accumulate an art collection, Zeus freely threw his hat into the ring. We realize that some cans (if not most) are hard to part with. But, one must be able to see the big picture here. The finish product will appeal to a broader spectrum of genres as well as people. In turn, it will garner that much more interest in everything associated with graffiti, illustration, and their histories, along with that of can collecting.

Is there a target audience for these pieces or do you feel they are for everyone?

A target audience? I’m not sure about that. I feel that the labels that are going to be offered at are easily affordable by any true collector, including the novice/beginner. That’s comparing these to what I see people paying for mass-produced vinyl toys, and other such offerings, And I sincerely hope that the true fan on a budget, manages to buy a few of these, before the big dollar collector buys up the lot. I feel these are being offered at a great price point for a truly unique one-of-a-kind work/offering. By that, I mean look at the labels offered. Rare brands/colors, all individually as well as uniquely worked, based upon the interpretation of the artist. Where else can one acquire such an intimate item these days? And in post conversations with each of the artists, I’m finding that it was a resounding yes, when asked if these labels were a positive experience for them. And I truly believe that positive energy is evident within the finished products. Wouldn’t you agree?

Where will the artwork be available for purchase?

As stated previously, they’ll become available at come June 15th. It is highly recommended that one should register their email at DirtyPliot in order to receive the email blast as soon as the items become available. After the DirtyPilot show expires, there are plans in place to take this show into a few select brick and mortar galleries. This is in part because no photo, no matter how great the camera or photographer is, can do these items justice. One must see these framed labels in person in order to grasp the depth as well as appreciate the concept of it all. And it is my belief that talking this show on the road will only increase the fervor for these labels. Thankfully, the artists and I, will be around to accommodate them.

Any shoutouts, people you’d like to thank, or final words?

Any shouts? Naturally, to all of the artists whom I deeply respect, for getting onboard with this project, and for making the time for me, as well as this project. Credibility goes both ways, as well as a long way. We all know one doesn’t last long in this game or life for that matter without it. I can’t shout any out by name, because I have a few surprise artists on board who I can’t reveal at this stage. You guys and gals all know who you are! And more importantly you know where this show is heading! And you all know I will freely give up my last can and/or dollar in order to see this venture to its completion! With that, I would like to say, real heads know people! I am so fortunate to know those that I know! And finally to Ron at 12oz, thanks for reaching out! Remember to shop DityPilot EARLY!

Make sure to check out when the show opens Sunday, June 15 to get a chance to own a piece of history.
All photos courtesy of PJAY ONE Thanks to Alan at DirtyPilot

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