Preview: The Brooklyn Shelf Life Project Launches at BAM Tonight in Brooklyn

By - Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

{image-1} Showpaper’s Brooklyn Shelf Life zine and newsbox distribution project launches tonight at Brooklyn Academy of Music, featuring customized newsboxes by UFO/William Thomas Porter, Faust/Cash4, Leon Reid IV/Noah Sparkes, and more. The six year old DIY Showpaper is a free full-color newsprint broadside of the same name which lists every all-ages DIY show in the NYC/tri-state area. For distribution, in many spots they use their own newsboxes around Brooklyn. On one side of the broadsheet they print a full-color poster by a current, local artist. Some of the artists have been Cost, Cash4, Mark Mothersbaugh, and more. A couple of years ago the curator and filmmaker Andrew H. Shirley of The Superior Bugout suggested having graffiti writers and street artists customize the newsboxes for an exhibition and then put them on the street. The show was called The Community Serviced. The show was a big hit and even inspired a second exhibition last year. Recently Showpaper won an award from BAM that paid for five more sculptural newboxes. Showpaper was chosen out of one hundred submissions because of their dedication to printed matter and the arts in Brooklyn. Over the span of one year these boxes will house, along with Showpaper, a periodically rotating series of independently printed new work by 48 different publishers and artists, curated by Jesse Hlebo of SWILL CHILDREN with SHOWPAPER and PRINTED MATTER. The launch round will include Sumi Ink Club, W/—, Felicia Atkinson, Asher Penn. Please come out to see the finished newsbox sculptures tonight at BAM, have a drink and meet the artists. Meanwhile, UFO 907 sent us some preview shots of the piece that he’s making with WIlliam Thomas Porter, the metal sculptor and bike mutator… {image-3} {image-2} {image-8} {image-4} {image-5} {image-6} {image-7} Text: Daniel Feral Photo: UFO 907

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