Photo: The Fleshbeck Crew from Rio de Janeiro

By - Monday, April 30th, 2012

Daze recently posted photos of pieces he’s painted on past trips to Rio de Janeiro, over the weekend he showed some love to some friends of his in Rio, The Fleshbeck Crew. Check out the photos he posted on his blog on 12ozProphet and what he had to say about them. “This post is about my homies in Rio: The Fleshbeck Crew. In the early 00’s I came to Rio and began painting with them on the regular. They came recommended to me by my man in Sao Paulo, Binho, as guys I should hook up with in Rio. He told me that they were among the best there and he wasn’t lying. They are. They still are. Various members of the crew included: Br (or True as he later became), Toz, Lets, Pia, Riot, and also SWK from the Santa Crew. What set them apart for me was that not only did they pull off some incredible productions all over the city but they were organized enough to set their sights on commercial projects. In Rio they’ve had many commercial clients too numerous to list. They also started a clothing line and maintained a store for a while. It was easy to see that their influences came not only from poplar culture but also from the easy going Rio lifestyle that incorporates the beach into everything. I just wanted to post a selection of some of thier work, particularly that of BR, for you to enjoy.”

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