The Foundation Speerstra Opening in Switzerland

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Though I’ve posted twice in recent weeks about the opening of the Foundation Speerstra in Switzerland I received some new photographs of the installation that I ‘d like to share. The Foundation is based around the private collection of the Speerstra family who have been collecting graffiti based works since the early 80’s. Their amazing collection spans 30 years of collecting often focusing in depth on many artists entire career . I find this type of collecting much more gratifying as they’ve set out to collect all phases of and artists body of work instead of just buying a few pieces from a specific period. Looking at the photographs from the installation I can see that they have collected some of the best works by certain artists.

I’m really proud to be a part of this incredible collection. Anyone visiting Switzerland should make a point of visiting this spot.


"Exile" 1986 by Daze

Watercolors by Daze , circa early 90's

Futura 2000

Watercolors by Crash

Watercolors by Daze and Crash

Daze, BilBlast, Dondi , Aone

Rammellzee, Aone , Crash , Daze collabo

Text and Photo: Daze

Foundation Speerstra,
Futura 2000,
jon one,

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