The Audacity of Louis Ortiz – Obama Impersonator is Given HOPE

By - Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

After fundraising success on Kickstarter, filmmaker Ryan Murdock set out to create a documentary on Louis Ortiz, an unemployed phone technician from the Bronx who looks uncannily like Barack Obama. Murdock has spent this campaign year following Ortiz, his footage soon to become a feature-length documentary, The Audacity of Louis Ortiz. Ortiz’s transformation from a man who didn’t have a suit, much less a job, to a man who is now impersonating one of the most powerful people in the world has made for a touching and compelling story. Ortiz is “feeling like a million bucks. It makes me feel like I’m him [Obama]…like I have no problems in the world. I never want that moment to end.” Both Ortiz and Murdock are capitalizing on this experience: Ortiz having the opportunity to reinvent himself, and Murdock the opportunity to produce and direct his first feature-length documentary. They have adapted Audacity for the New York Times Op-Doc Series which will be screening in DOC NYC on November 14th. Murdock continues to follow Ortiz on the “campaign trail.” With Election Day upon us, be on the look out for more video footage. Text: Nicola Parisi Source: Audacity The Movie

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