The Grim Times Interview with Func88 from Paris

By - Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

The Grim Times just posted an in depth feature interview with Func88 aka Turs from Paris, a member of the Grim Team and the founder of the Wrung Division streetwear line and the UltraBoyz international graffiti crew. In addition to the incredible eye candy, the interview spans the entirety of the artist’s career and discusses how graphics influenced his art and graffiti, as well as graffiti influencing his thriving career as a designer in the music and apparel industries. We posted some excerpts from the interview below and recommend heading to The Grim Times website to check out their full interview with Turs. Tell me about the “Grim Team” & “UltraBoyz” crews you are part of. Let’s start with GrimTeam. In 1999, most of the TW Mobb have dropped graffiti and I needed some new sidekicks as I was still 100% into graffiti ! I already knew the majority of the GT guys. I was there when they found the name itself, before that the meaning for GT was “Gangbang Tonight”. GT is a melting pot of people actively involved in Paris graffiti since the early days, a bunch of well-known names like Chaze, Sari, Creez, Pro, Kirs, Druide, Wek, Oeno…and a lot more! It ended up to match quickly. We made that “super-group” making our marks in the city, creating the so called “Galactic-Style”, having a pretty bad reputation in Paris nights (!), being arrogant, sometimes hateful and at the end being sort of a influence on graffiti styles… the Good Times!!!! I guess we had our hours of glory during a few years and GT is engraved in Paris Graffiti history whatever our defectors could say. During the same time, I created an international group called UltraBoyz with my good friend SozyOne in May 1999. At start it was just friendship between 2 parisians (Pro & Me) and some Belgium guys (Sozy, Recto, Fab, Jaba, Byz…). As I was totally into GT back then, I didn’t really work the name “Ultraboyz” for a few years, and it was maybe in 2004 or 2005 I’ve started to represent that group as my leading group, the perfect match up. The primary reason is that group isn’t just about “graffiti”, it’s a concept as itself, a mind-spirit, a life-style. Now the group consist of 14 members from various countries in Europe and even Asia. Our last member is probably one of the best youngster in modern graffiti and surely a future major artist, Pantone from Valencia. Are you still doing graffiti these days? I will not lie, I have no time for that anymore, I only paint as a tourist in vacations or occasionally. I’m still making letters on paper but it’s not “real” graffiti, it’s more like drawings. I still got it in my veins and mind and I continue to develop some complex futuristic lettering styles anyway. Check out the full interview with Func88 on The Grim Times here.

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