The High Line's Graffiti

By - Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Yesterday we visited the High Line and the newly opened northern half. The hope was to uncover more pieces like the COST/ REVS rollers and other graffiti. While the tracks were left abandoned, some writers and artists found comfort in the hidden expanse of the High Line which runs from Gansevoort to 34th street. With the Standard currently displaying the KAWS statue, it seems the High Line has always been an attraction for artists. A few pieces were found. In plain site we saw a few KID / PK tags, of course the COST and REVS piece which was left. You can see in the Jonathan Flaum photo above, the amount of work that was on that same wall years before. There is also the Katsu piece, which from the park path looks like a lot of spilled paint, and since it can only be seen from above, we’re glad he made the video. But much of the graffiti has been power washed away, painted over or covered over by new condos and luxury high rises. Still is a pretty good idea for a park, though we like it better abandoned and left to writers and the overgrowth. Check out photos of the High Line in use here and the rest of Jonathan Flaum’s awesome photos here. Photos by Jason LeCras for 12ozProphet

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