The Sunrise of Edgewood: Gaia and Nanook at Living Walls

By - Monday, March 19th, 2012

Street artists Gaia and Nanook continue to create massive murals in many different cities. From Baltimore to Atlanta as part of the Living Walls Concept. Living Wall is a year-round meeting in which the goals are to create a closer relationship between artists and the community. In this case Gaia and Nanook have painted a wall located in the neighborhood that Martin Luthur King Jr was from. Gaia describes his project, “The collaboration that Nanook and I produced on Edgewood avenue is an observation on the neighborhood’s changing complexion. Historically, the Fourth Ward is considered in many regards as the epicenter of the Civil Rights movement so naturally creating Martin Luther King Jr’s face just down the block from the King Home seemed logical. But rather we created a portrait that was more ambiguous, an everyman face that faded into a rising sun. This vibrant visage is surrounded by a turmoil of rope and vine forms that nanook created which is derived from one of his early street pieces. Now the mural is surrounded by a contentious area whose gentrification is imminent like the endless cycle of the sun.” Check out this great video created by Albert Lebron: Text: Mika Altskan Photos: Charles Flemming Video: Albert Lebron

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