'Those Amazing Years' with Ruben ASR (Madrid)

By - Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

On their 12ozProphet blog, Montana Colors posted a link to a pretty cool interview with Rubén ASR, which was taken from the ‘Madrid Revolution’ book. Rubén was a major player from the early days of graffiti in Madrid and he tells us all about his feelings on the beginnings of the movement and how the scene was through his eyes back then. He points out some things that really make you realise how much the game has changed over time. He explains… “Before, to get paint, you had to nick it, you couldn’t go to the store and say, ‘I’ll take three blues, two violets, and one black for outlining…You got what you could get your hands on, and with whatever colors you managed to get, you’d do your piece.” He really breaks down what drove him to write and what he believes to be the force behind the graffiti movement in Madrid explaining, “If I had to define that era, I would do it with the following words: freedom, emotion, rivalry, adventure… from the moment you woke till the moment you slept, you thought of just one thing: PAINTING.” “Above all else, I remember the times when you’d hop across the tracks and do as many tags as you could on the trains as the passengers got on and off, always being aware of trains coming in the opposite direction…Shit, it was beautiful; it was graffiti that moved! It was a time when so much was produced. (1990, 1991, and 1992).”

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