Throw-Up Thursday: Niceo and Saver

By - Thursday, April 14th, 2016

It always touches our hearts to see a newer and older writer work together. Check out these dope flicks of New York subway tunnel legend Niceo put in work with the up and coming Saver WSK. 

Who is Saver? Saver is a writer who has been making an name for himself in the Upper West Side for the past year. His style is a straight New York throw-up that is nice, clean, and shows that he knows his history. Check out this older collaboration with the writer Drowsy of UTP. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.24.45 PM

Niceo really needs no introduction. Those who love the city’s underground subway graffiti immeadietly recognize his fat, colorful and super clean style. In a Vandal Hour interview from last October, Niceo revealed his long ties to graffiti. Niceo grew up with a family of writers and went into yards with them when he was in elementary school, he said.  He started writing Air in 1977, Snake in 1979-80 and then settled on Nice. He added the “O” to differentiate himself and it has been his tag ever since. To this very day, Niceo is still one of the hardest working graffiti writers in New York. A look out of a subway window on any line on the West Side can prove that.

Check out the rest of Niceo’s great interview on the Vandal Hour below.  

 Shouts out to all the writers hitting the tunnels and we hope that Niceo and Saver continue to put in great work. 

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