Throwback Jam of the Week: Cormega – Dead Man Walking

By - Thursday, September 5th, 2013

This track was banned on the original album that was meant to be released in the mid 90s by Def Jam, and wasn’t released until almost a decade later in 2005. “Dead Man Walking” is on the album The Testament, which was meant to be Cormega‘s debut album, but was shelved for years. Eventually, Cormega obtained the rights and released the album in it’s original form on his own record label, Legal Hustle Records. ‘Mega has faced struggles. Doing jail time in the early 90s set his rap career back a few years, and a notable beef with Nas inspired tracks back and forth between the two, for example: Nas – ‘Destroy & Rebuild’, Cormega – ‘A Slick Response’, and Cormega — ‘Realmatic’. Cormega is a strong lyricist with an unmistakable flow that speaks real and from the heart. His tracks have raw style and power. Dead man walking takes you to a place where you feel like you can see through the mic and into the vision ‘Mega is trying to paint: the experience of what it’s like to settle the score with someone who deserves it.

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