Throwback Jam of the Week: Honest Expression – Binary Star

By - Thursday, June 13th, 2013

One Be Lo and Senim Silla of Detroit’s Binary Star had major beef with the hip hop industry at the most recent turn of the century. Their album Masters of the Universe, released in 2000, is chock full criticism for mainstream MC’s, and fires shots at pretty much anyone succeeding in the game, though never by name. Whether they were jaded from being kept in the underground, or more likely, fed up with the systematic oppression that they had hoped to escape after their release from jail, where they met, the result was a classic compilation of the underground sound. The ferociousness, rawness, and dare I say, Honest Expression, the duo lays down on the album conveys a pent up frustration that can’t be faked. These were some real ass dudes, making real ass music. Fans of Binary Star will be happy to know that after a 13 year hiatus the duo is back at it. They returned this past March to release the six track Binary Star EP, where they display the same dexterity on the mic that made them underground hits and kept them on playlists for more than a decade. The two are obviously older, and their music has changed with their age, but you can still hear their passion for hip hop in their songs. Check it out on their Bandcamp and help support some underground legends.

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