Throwback Thursday: NYC 1980s CEM TWO/SWAN3/SAK On The Trains

By - Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Back in the early 1970s in the summers, SWAN3 TVS would get sent to his grandmother’s house in the South Bronx, New York City. CEM Two TAT lived on the same block and the two would hang out all summer long getting into the trouble boys get into. In the late 1970s The block and the buildings were burned down and the two lost contact. Fast forward to the 1980s. Reunited through a cousin and an uncle,  the two began their graffiti partnership. Their first mission was in the infamous “Ball Buster’s” tunnels on 138th street and Broadway. SWAN went to high school with SAK. CEM and SAK already knew each other and there was spot that all the graffiti guys used to hang out at near the legendary Ghost yard. 

August 2015,  CEM Two came to visit The Bronx, New York City to chill out with his old painting partners SWAN3 and SAK.  Reminiscing about painting some of their most well known Subway Cars, They shared with 12oz Prophet some of their most memorable moments.

“The craziest night that I can remember was a night we all went to the ghost yard together. CEM2 and (SWAN3)Me doing silvers on one car, ROZ1 and Frosty Freeze did burners on another car.  We spent 6 hours there it felt like almost all night.  Afterwards, we went straight to the FUN House night club in the same clothes,  covered in paint, dust and dirt from the yard.” – SWAN3

“Silvers were a test on the trains,  to see what would happened with the Ball Busters, to see if our cars would run. One time we all spent a whole weekend 3 nights back to back in tunnels. I don’t know how we didn’t get busted.  We were 2 days straight in the tunnels. We would send Swan3 to the store to get cold cuts and be the look out with the BallBusters. He knew the Ball Busters by looking at them.  At that time they were looking for us and we went looking for them.” – CEM Two

” We would take the bus from the Bronx all the way up into Yonkers and walk back to the Bronx,  racking paint all the way down Broadway Street. We hit up Hardware stores all the way to the yard. We would collect sometimes 25 cans for a whole car or so much paint that after doing one whole car, we would be able to paint another car working over time.” SAK

Stay tuned for more from CEM Two, SAK and SWAN3 in an upcoming interview on 12 Oz Prophet.







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