Throwback Thursday: Shame 125 Profile by Terror 161

By - Thursday, May 10th, 2012

For today’s Throwback Thursday post we defer to someone who knows the history of the graff game just about as well as anyone, Terror 161. Shame 125th has been turning heads with his recent comeback. Graffiti 365 author and 12ozProphet blogger, Terror 161, pulled a couple gems out of his personal archives from this 80’s subway graffiti veteran and posted those exclusives with the following profile: “In graffiti there are a slew of writers’ writers, guys who were prolific stylists that for some reason slipped by the radar . Anyone who followed the culture in the 80’s or was lucky enough to paint with Shame 125 aka Much 107 knows that he rocked hard. Simple clean letters with pristine characters. A disciple of Skeme who painted with Dez and a slew of other heavy hitters of his era, Shame 125 dropped out of sight in the early 90’s. He got busy on a freight with Sak and Slave a few years ago and has been painting the town lately. “His career on trains began on the 6 line around ‘83 with Brim. They were amongst the first members of TAT’s . Mack also partnered up with them. Shame’s talent made him a sought after partner. He met Raz introduced him to Seen UA and pilgrimages to the ghost yard circa ‘84 became commonplace. During this period he would often collaborate with Cem , Kenn , T.Kid , Bio , Lase and Raz who would execute an army of memorable cars that set the style standard of the day. Shame even made a cameo appearance on the #1 Broadway line, blazing a two man panel with Dero. He quit the trains in ‘87. The baddest cats in the game speak of him with extreme reverence, but he’s a humble cat who’d never toot his own horn.” -Terror 161

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