Throwback Thursday: Sid Vicious & the Sex Pistols

By - Thursday, February 5th, 2015

For this week’s installment of Throwback Thursday, 12oz salutes Punk Rock Royalty Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.

The Sex Pistols formed in London in 1975 on an anger-fueled, anti-mainstream tirade with loud music and radically rebellious attitude. They first defined anarchy in music with a full rejection of rock and roll and all of its “popular cultural relevance,” ushering in a new attitude, sound and era.

With their debut, the Pistols caused purposeful controversy everywhere they went; cursing on televised interviews and repetitively redefining the apex of impropriety with their overzealous disrespect of authority, vandalism and obvious contempt for government. (God Save the Queen!)

The band’s bassist, Sid Vicious, would eventually split from best mate and band vocalist Johnny Rotten and make his way across the Atlantic with his 20-year-old, part-time prostitute girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, to take up residency in New York City’s infamous Chelsea Hotel where it is alleged that Sid intentionally stabbed and killed her. The two were known for their very public, passionate altercations.

Later, Vicious, notorious heroin addict, would succumb to this particular vice by overdose in his hotel bath tub on February 2nd, 1979, just months before his trial was to take place. All is fair in love and punk rock.


This month, honor the Sex Pistols, Sid and Nancy and the beginnings of Punk Rock by hitting up Nitehawk Cinema on Friday, February 13th or Valentine’s Day, Saturday the 14th for midnight showings of Sid and Nancy, the biopic that will either kill or define your sex life this Valentine’s Day. 

Next time you thoughtlessly send an “idgaf” text or caption an instagram picture about how much you don’t care for others’ opinions, remind yourself that it was Sid and the Sex Pistols who made it sexy to be belligerently indifferent.

RIP Sid and Nancy and long live punk rock.

via Rolling Stone

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