Throwback Thursday: Vintage Connecticut 1980’s 3A Crew

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Geser and Nis train action.

This little peek into days past is courtesy of Nis 3A. Giving a perspective into 80’s Connecticut graffiti, these flicks are an example of the kind quality that was coming out of Connecticut at the time, as well as an interesting look at what 3A was doing around then.

MLK "I have a dream" dedication by Nis (1985)

Nis 3A (1995)

Alien Character by Nis


Seekin' Fame (1984), almost 20 years after it was painted.

Photo: Nis 3A


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IOU_TOO - Thursday February 07, 2013 at 08:16 PM...

IOU_TOO on 12ozProphet

Nice. Didn’t realize the history of 3A or Connecticut.

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