Throwback Thursday: Adek Interview from One Track Mind Magazine

By - Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Here is this week’s Throwback Thursday feature. The 12oz team stumbled across this classic Adek interview posted (and transcribed) by Disco Bryso from the obscure graff mag One Track Mind. Adek speaks on the evolution of his style, picking spots, what the word “bomber” actually means to him, and much more; a rare glimpse into the mindset of a legendary writer. Scroll down to check out the entire interview, as well as some photos from the same time period courtesy of the Adek BTM TKO thread in the Writers Forum. One Track Mind Issue #2 (1992): Adek Interview OTM: What’s your definition of a true bomber? Adek: A true bomber is somebody who’s not afraid to get caught. A true bomber is somebody who’s not afraid to handle their business as far as beef, court, or the police. Basically, a true bomber is not afraid to deal with all the consequences of bombing. If you’re willing to deal with all that stuff and you got some letters, then you’re ready to bomb. OTM: How did you develop your style? Adek: My tagging style came from the Central District, my neighborhood in Seattle. Not a lot of people there did throw-ups or pieces, it was mostly just tagging. Then after awhile I hooked up with some cats that were down with doing throw-ups. They moved out to Seattle from New York, Doke and Kres from Staten Island. I got a lot of influences from those cats. OTM: What was it like bombing up in Seattle? Adek: If you want to get away with anything in Seattle, you got to be pretty savage they’re not playing around up there. They’ll hand you a year for graffiti on the first or second offense. It’s just hard to get away with shit up there. Anybody who has really bombed in Seattle has done a lot of time in juvenile hall or jail. So when we go out of town, we just get busy. But eventually, you burn bridges wherever you go. You only get a certain amount of chances. But you get away with a lot more down here. OTM: What you think of the graffiti scene out here? Adek: San Francisco piecing style is world-renowned. One thing that is less recognized or less appreciated is their tagging style. SF tagging style is really their best-kept secret. The tagging style down here is fast, efficient and tight looking. OTM: Have you ever done pieces before? Adek: No. I can’t maintain the same frame of thought for that long. If it’s not done under ten minutes, I go crazy. I just lose my focus with what I’m trying to do with the letters. I have the most fun when I just throw it up, step back, look at it, and bounce. Ten minutes is like a long time to me. A fill-in throw-up is like one minute, but in that minute there’s a lot of shit that goes on. To me, throw-ups are just as complex as an intricate piece. It just matters how sick you do the letters. OTM: How do you find all of your ill spots? Adek: First off, I pick spots that I see on a daily basis, on the way to the store, the movies, or a homie’s house. It’s just got to be hot! I want to be the first one to do a fill-in on a wall. If I see a clean wall or a new roof, I got to take it. Hopefully, it will turn into a landmark spot, but usually, it’ll get buffed. OTM: What would be your ultimate spot to hit in Frisco? Adek: I can’t really say that right now because I’m plotting on it as we speak. OTM: What’s it like having most of your crew live in L.A? Adek: My philosophy towards the TKO crew is like the Kennedy’s philosophy towards America. I don’t ask what my crew can do for me. I ask what I can do for the crew. I know they’ll have my back when it comes down to it. I don’t have to ask for it. The minute I got down with TKO, I felt that without no second-guessing. OTM: Does everyone in TKO bomb? Adek: Everybody in TKO at one time or another bombed. Some people have developed into piecers, but when it’s time to handle business, everybody will come out. Kids are going to the baby sitters, people are calling in sick the next day, excuses are being made to the wives, and even paroles are being violated. OTM: Why do you think bombers don’t seem to last in this game? Adek: I read a quote once that said, “A champion is somebody who gets up even when they can’t”. I get up when others wouldn’t in my situation. I’m on parole. I’m on probation. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I still just do it. That’s reality for me. OTM: What do you want to be known for out here? Adek: I want to be known as that out of town cat that slid into Frisco and fucked shit up. OTM: What kind of advice do you have for young cats wanting to bomb? Adek: First, get your passport. Once you catch that felony, it’s hell of hard to get a passport and you’re going to want it eventually. Second, wear a mask when you paint. That paint shit catches up to you. Third, don’t ever say some shit like, “I’m sick of all the bullshit that goes along with tagging”. If you are, then don’t do it. If you’re involved in this shit, then you’re going to have to deal with it. If you don’t want to deal with it the way we handle shit, then don’t get involved. Go do something else. There are no rules, no graffiti police, or no graffiti government that is going to straighten shit out or keep the law in order. OTM: Do you have anything you want to add? Adek: I got to give a shout out to my main man RENOS*HTK & BROCK77*TKO. Text: Kenny Beats Source: One Track Mind Mag via Disco Bryso

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