Throwie Thursday: Detroit Edition Part II

By - Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Last week, you saw the first installment of the Detroit edition of Throwie Thursday. This week, we’re serving part II.

The collapse of the auto industry has rendered Detroit a ghost town. To paint you a picture…there are blocks with only one house remaining, large fields are now becoming urban farms, houses are left burnt down without any sign of tear down and factories have been left to crumble into piles of concrete.

Detroit has become one of the largest graffiti playgrounds in the country. Writers have flocked here from all over the globe to crush street spots, nicknaming it their “spraycation destination.” Some say the city resembles New Orleans, the only difference is that Detroit never went through a natural disaster. Since so many writers have come and gone, here’s a round up some of the best throws by these recent “spraycationers.”

They are (not in any particular order):
Niets (TAF/ICR)
Adek (BTM/AL)
Fleks (TAF/REM)
Pdog (SRT)

So what drew them to Detroit?

“I came to Detroit because it’s not like painting at home. Compared to where I’m from, it’s a cake walk.” – Pdog

“It just happened. Detroit was poppin, so I went to Detroit.” – Fleks

However, things are constantly changing in efforts to transform Detroit into the city of the future.

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