Throwup Thursday – REMIO VTS x RVCA

By - Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Everyone knows that REMIO is the man… He’s your favorite writer’s favorite writer and the consummate graffiti professional. Over the years his distinctive throwup has popped up in cities around the world, and he has earned respect as one of the biggest and most innovative artists in the game. So of course he went and picked up a corporate sponsorship from a company like RVCA, cause who doesn’t want some free shit.

In the promo video above you can watch REMIO drop a few throwups in his signature illustrative style. He is probably best known for his distinctive R, which he has been known to embellish with faces, sunglasses and hats amongst other things. My personal favorite is the Fist/R character I had previously seen on some of the products at his Sleepner Shop. Check it out and support the homeboy, the zines are particularly ill.

like everybody REMIO’s throwup has changed and developed over the years. Check out this cool interview and footage of REMY from 2007, and then check out older posts we have done on REMIO here at 12oz. Feel free to let us know what you think about REMIO’s style or suggest other writers with a solid throwup game, we are always on the look out for cool new writers and artists.

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