Video: Time-lapse of UK Artist CageOne Painting An Abstract Mural

By - Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The timelapse video above reveals the progress of a piece done last weekend by CageOne on a very windy day in Scarborough, UK. In this painting CageOne utilizes geometric abstraction as a framing device creating a space which contains and focuses the expressionistic tumult of the brush and spray paint techniques utilized within. The result is a powerful composition that displays his facility with many techniques. The photo below captures the final stage of the painting. {image-1} CageOne is a painter from Bradford, UK, who began painting in 1987 and practiced traditional graffiti lettering influenced by European styles in the late eighties and early nineties. By the late nineties, his work concentrated on graphic style characters. Over the years he has developed his work into a non-objective style. Recently he has been affiliated with a loosely associated group of artists that have been involved with Art Poesia and activities centered around his website called Graffuturism. These painters relate artistically in that they tend to mash up genres of styles and techniques, and experiment with progressive aesthetics. They all still stay grounded in graffiti because their aesthetic backgrounds, their obsession with painting in huge public spaces, and some are still practicing illegally on the street. On the stylistic spectrum, they tend towards abstraction in all its varieties, from geometric to expressionistic, frequently on the same wall, which CageOne’s piece above is a good example. Text: Daniel Feral Photo and Video: CageOne

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