Todays Mathematics Issue 4 Available Now

By - Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

This post is a promotion of a product. The talented contributors here at 12ozProphet also produce zines, music, clothes etc. of there own, and when we get a chance we like to promote their dedication. Support us by supporting them. Peace.

Todays Mathematics is a zine and website that focuses on New Jersey graffiti and the unique land scape that is the Garden State. Using the classic zine format of literally cutting and pasting onto a page, Todays Mathematics has a vibe that is distinctly DIY and counter culture. It’s laced with the random imperfections and oddities that come out when a work is produced by a single voice. Let’s let Chester tell it for himself:

I make collages with prints of photos that I take, mixed with art from old textbooks and other old media. We then scan them and digitize them. As we grow, we have started doing some more pages strictly digital, but 90 percent are scanned collages.

My primary inspiration is NJ, and esoteric art. Subversion and Subterfuge. 
I came up in the 90s, during the times of underground radio and mixtapes, and these zines to me are like a visual mixtape. I was a big fan of the Stretch Armstrong show, and he never said who the artists were, you were supposed to know, which is how I approach it. My focus is for the heads. And each issue, we are trying to connect with pioneers and innovators who can provide a little historical context. Each issue we have introduced more collaborations, as the goal is to continue to grow creatively.  
Issue three featured original contributions from NTEL
Issue 4 featured original contributions from Ram (cover), TankOne (Title Page) and Snow1 (80s and 90s photos).
Issue 5 drops 4/1/2016
Issues available at
Instagram @todaysmathematics

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