Todd James “Fantasy Island” exhibition May 1st in London

By - Thursday, April 30th, 2015

A self-described “drawer of pictures”, New York City-based artist Todd “REAS” James will be showcasing new works at the Lazarides Rathbone gallery in London, opening this weekend.

The show, titled Fantasy Island, is a solo exhibition featuring James’ large-scale paintings and will be available for viewing from May 1st until May 28th.

From the gallery:

“The vivid body of hyper-coloured works extends the artist’s exploration into current sociopolitical affairs, continuing to stretch the boundary between the obscene and the humorous.”

Todd James first got his start creating via tagging the New York City Subway system years back under the name REAS, and has since become an internationally recognized artist with a plethora of solo and group shows spanning New York, Madrid, Brussels, London, Melbourne, Copenhagen and Tokyo. Some of his larger profile commissions include design work for the Beastie Boys, The Source magazine, Eminem, Kid Rock, Mobb Deep, Iggy Pop and Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers, produced by Jimmy Fallon. James also was featured in the group exhibition Beautiful Losers, which also has a documentary film element, in addition to making several museum stops throughout the U.S.

James’ new exhibition is whimsical by nature, while also addressing the harsh realities of our modern times in a provocative and risk-taking manner. Some of the characters featured in these pieces include scarcely-dressed females with sunglasses, coffees, cats and huge AK47s, as well as abstract creatures that look devilishly cute while also most likely up to no good.

The exhibit also features a new 32-page full color book, self-released by Todd James, Beyond The Gates, which will be for sale in a vintage Chevy that James will be painting during the exhibition.

Playing with satire, irony and obscenity, James’ Fantasy Island is definitely something to talk about.

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