TOMB’s Day 2015: Remembering Joey Tombs

By - Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Back in February we featured a tribute post to Massachusetts native Joey Tombs, and shared a video of his DBM crew members paying tribute to the late writer shortly after his passing. After last year’s production, the crew thought very carefully about how to pay tribute to their friend this next year with an over-the-top production.
Strangely enough, the last piece that TOMB painted was at a well known legal spot, which has since become a highly trafficked bike bath in Kingston, Rhode Island following the remains of the old Narragansett Pier Railroad. On Memorial Day weekend the crew gathered once again for a full-on production to pay tribute and show their respect for TOMB.  Hundreds of people passed by throughout the day, some stopping to ask questions about what everyone was doing, and others just to admire the work. A lot left knowing more about TOMB’s legacy and shared their condolences and appreciation for everyone’s contribution to the space. If you missed the first post about TOMB DBM make sure to check it out here.
TOMBSDAY2015_01  TOMBSDAY2015_010 TOMBSDAY2015_09 TOMBSDAY2015_08 TOMBSDAY2015_07 TOMBSDAY2015_06 TOMBSDAY2015_05 TOMBSDAY2015_04 TOMBSDAY2015_03 TOMBSDAY2015_02

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