Tools of the Trade: A Visit to Raze Zero Thirteen’s Studio and Gallery

By - Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

This ones for all you true Graff Heads:

Located in Northampton, MA, Raze Zero Thirteen (TRU KRU) has one of the freshest Gallery/Studios. Sharing a space with Bang Bang Body Arts Tattoo shop, Raze has set up an amazing display of vintage Spray Paint, Markers, and Graffiti collectables. His paint collection includes original Krylons, Rustos, Red Devils, and many more rare cans. He also has loads of vintage and imported markers, including El Marko Markers and original Magic Markers. Raze sells some of these markers as well as everyday markers in store and on

Along with Raze’s unbelievable collection of vintage graff supplies are his specialty items of which he designs many in his “in shop” studio. His products include functional mops, markers and spray paint cans that include clever graphic play on logos and labels. Some of these include the “Yard Stylee” cans, which play off of the new “Yard Master” cans from Ironlak; Also his signature “StileMeister” and “JakassRaze” alcohol bottle Mops (see photos). Another dope trinket at the shop is the functioning tattoo gun, handmade from mini spray cans and marker parts. These are made by Kaput in Barcelona, Spain. All of these products can be found on the Tru Kru Big Cartel website.

Raze also runs the gallery that shares the space with his collection and the tattoo shop. Recently, from September 27th to November 7th, NYC legend, Wane (COD) had a show at the gallery. Currently, some of the impressive work from Wane’s show is still up on the walls of the gallery and is for sale online and in store. 

Give a scroll through the photos and if the vintage collection, Raze’s work, Wane’s show, and tattoos aren’t enough to want to go check out the place, I don’t know what is. 

For more info and images check out Instagram: @raze013  @trumfnkru

All Photos: theoriginalgoober (ES)                       

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