Top 12: Broken Fingaz Crew Pieces

By - Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Bronken Fingaz Crew’s talent is undeniable. These Israeli artists occupy a space between graffiti and street art. Their vibrant murals jump off the walls with trippy imagery and lettering reminiscent of classic comic books. The Global Street Art website recently did a major feature on BFC, crediting them as being one of Israel’s first graffiti crews, painting since 2001. “The core of Broken Fingaz is Unga, Kip, Tant and Deso but there’s also a bigger circle that’s expanding all the time. We’ve always painted so it was a natural transition to move into graffiti. It took us a while to find graffiti just because it wasn’t something we saw in Israel. Kip brought a copy of Graphotism on a trip to London and it just clicked. At first we didn’t have any influences, which is why everything we did was so ugly. Later on we were influenced by all the late 90s guys: Dave Kinsey, Mike Giant, Sam Flores, etc. 123 Klan were the first people we saw who combined graffiti and design.” They go on to describe their work as “funky apocalypses, cannibalism, acid, animals and psychedelic experiences!” However they acknowledged that their work avoids politics and religions on the extremely charged soil that they call home. They go on to talk about their experiences painting graffiti in China and their upcoming show in London opening this Saturday, April 21st. Read the full interview on the Global Street Art website, oh yeah… And click through the pages below to check out their awesome work in our Top 12 Broken Fingaz Crew Pieces. Click the pages below to check out more of our favorite murals by the Broken Fingaz Crew… {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} Photo: Broken Fingaz Crew and Global Street Art

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