Top 12: Hybrid Pieces – Half Fire Extinguisher, Half Burner, Totally F#@king Hardcore

By - Monday, March 26th, 2012

About a month an a half ago we posted a flick from the Forum and had no idea what the hell we were looking at. The piece read “Craze” which was the perfect word to describe it. That was 12ozProphet’s first experience of a ‘Hybrid Piece’. These pieces done half in spray paint and half in fire extinguisher defy definition and because of that go by many names: Fire Extinguisher Piece, Hybrid Piece, Spot Thug, Exting, Blaster Piece, Mind Melter, etc. Not knowing what was going on, it was you, the 12ozProphet reader, who posted in the comments dropping knowledge, links and videos, filling us in on the latest trend. Nowadays it seems bombing with a fire extinguisher has caught on around the globe after seeing photos of countless VLOK fire extinguisher tags in Brazil to watching a never-ending video of Ceno catching fire extinguisher fill-ins one after another throughout the Midwest. But what Won, and his crew Rise Above have done is truly innovative. Bringing their burners to the next level, Won began doing larger than life pieces on tracksides and highways unlike anything ever seen before. 12ozProphet got in touch with Won who compiled a list of his Top 12 favorite Hybrid Pieces. Click through the page’s to check out Won’s Top 12 Hybrid Pieces complete with his commentary… {pagebreak} “Inspired by the origin of tags being outlined to make the first primitive pieces, I decided to outline the biggest tag I could spray. Having knowledge of extinguisher systems and my crew’s primary acronym spell out “Rise Above” also contributed to it’s inception. Literally Rising Above the buff line in this case. Following the first, my crew mates Sire and Distort braved round two with me in West Philadelphia. Since then some have been more successful then others in technique and exposure. When experimenting you experience failure as well as breakthrough. Paint filled pressurized extinguishers are not the easiest mark making devices to control, and pertaining to piecing are well out of many writers comfort zones. The list of people testing out this format is growing and that’s fresh! I don’t consider it bitting and encourage anyone who wants to spray there name in a big way to give it a try. Please don’t apply these to freights, the paint will get all over the ground and blow the spot up. I’d like to shout out my boy Jas7 for taking the ball and running with it. Peace to my crews in chronological order of membership DFM, GOA, DME, YNC.” -Won {pagebreak} This was the 3rd, viewing this one reveals how large negative spaces above arms reach are conducive to this technique to achieve legibility. {pagebreak} This is the most successful example to show comparative scale. Cense and Screw paint notoriously big and they get dwarfed here. Respect to those two for upping the bar generally in size and execution. {pagebreak} This is the first time we brought the show on the road and blessed this view off a major interstate. Depht had a malfunction and had to come back a second time to achieve this result. {pagebreak} So word spread to crew and friends. And one of the most mysterious characters you could ever meet decided to give it a try in New England, Jas7. His unique aesthetic is an acquired taste that remains outside of law and tradition. He really doesn’t care what you think. {pagebreak} At this point word had got around enough for outsiders to wanna test the waters. One of my personal favorites thus far is this Ceda and Dume with the articulated Chrome fill. You can expect nothing less from NSF… Hey that rhymes. {pagebreak} Here is the largest line up to date. Jas7, Pace, Secr, and 4Scor. Contrast is important between the wall and the upper half to achieve maximum impact. {pagebreak} Jas7 is always traveling and has spread them to more locations then I care to comment on, he teamed up with Panse here to knock these out in a midwest location. {pagebreak} Disto and I hit the livest spot yet off one of the nations longest roads. Regretfully we had to go over some well respected fill-ins, and it turns out we would have been met down there by others coming to do it big if they didn’t get in a car accident on the way there. {pagebreak} A big crew spell, mandatory initiation process for the newest members. {pagebreak} We did the first one in the NYC a couple months back and I like the result, more to come.

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