Top 12: Hybrid Pieces - Half Fire Extinguisher, Half Burner, Totally F#@king Hardcore

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Won's 1st Hybrid Piece, painted in 2009 in North Philadelphia, PA

About a month an a half ago we posted a flick from the Forum and had no idea what the hell we were looking at. The piece read “Craze” which was the perfect word to describe it. That was 12ozProphet’s first experience of a ‘Hybrid Piece’. These pieces done half in spray paint and half in fire extinguisher defy definition and because of that go by many names: Fire Extinguisher Piece, Hybrid Piece, Spot Thug, Exting, Blaster Piece, Mind Melter, etc.

Not knowing what was going on, it was you, the 12ozProphet reader, who posted in the comments dropping knowledge, links and videos, filling us in on the latest trend. Nowadays it seems bombing with a fire extinguisher has caught on around the globe after seeing photos of countless VLOK fire extinguisher tags in Brazil to watching a never-ending video of Ceno catching fire extinguisher fill-ins one after another throughout the Midwest.

But what Won, and his crew Rise Above have done is truly innovative. Bringing their burners to the next level, Won began doing larger than life pieces on tracksides and highways unlike anything ever seen before. 12ozProphet got in touch with Won who compiled a list of his Top 12 favorite Hybrid Pieces.

Click through the page’s to check out Won’s Top 12 Hybrid Pieces complete with his commentary…

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Thank you for doing this in depth report! i had no idea how much work these guys were doing or the thought behind it, when i caught a pic on Flickr of a Distort hybrid piece. i didnt research it any further than the few i saw there but wrote this on my Facebook site: “Check out theunicorn1’s series of photos focussing on tall fire extinguisher tags that are detailed at the bottom with spray paint. Very interesting solution to a physical limitation. Im guessing they didn’t have any ladders or just decided it looked cool. Creates a unique style that i hope to see more of: Spray a three story building and then use a cherry picker to paint just parts of the tag. Spray down from the roof of a building and then use rollers to paint the top part. etc etc. very exciting!” The commentary by Won really explains the inventive thinking behind their work. Glad to see they are getting much deserved respect for an original series!

bezerc pros imok on 12ozProphet

i remember first seeing these flics a while back i lnew this kid was on some new shit wonski

Honorable_Bobby_Seale on 12ozProphet

Won and jas7 allday… really dont do them justice

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