Top 12: Sure Tribute Pieces

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Today, December 5th, marks the 2-year anniversary of the passing of New York graffiti writer Sure. Sure was exceptional, not just for his elegant style and the prolific mark he left on the city, but also for his commitment to this country. Sure was an Intelligence Officer in the Marine Corps who had served in Iraq and was a Sergeant by the age of 23. Two years ago he was in Afghanistan when he was tragically killed by a suicide bomber. 12ozProphet takes a look at some of the tribute pieces that have since been painted in memory of the scholar of script tags, the chisel-tip master, the Sureshot.

Scroll through the pages below to view our Top 12 Sure Tribute pieces.

Sure tribute painted by Dceve on a Manhattan rooftop

Scroll through the pages below to see the rest of the works.

Also… Faust’s writing on the passing of his partner-in-cirme here.

And.. Martha Cooper’s writing about Sure’s passing here.

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Rest In Peace,
In Memory,
in Memoriam,
Sure RIP,
Sure Lives,
Sure Rest in Peace,

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