Tuesday Top 12: Up And Coming Rappers

By - Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

12. Ag the Coroner: Coroner rolled up on the hip hop scene roughly a year ago in Queens, NYC. As a childhood friend of rappers like Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren, it’s only fitting the Ag is now laying down bars for the world to hear. While he has yet to drop his upcoming solo tape “Taste the nectar” several tracks like “Blades in the wind” have already leaked, making fans more eager for the upcoming project. 11. Joey Bada$$: This is a name that’s gotten a lot more attention thanks to MTV. Rewind a year ago and nobody knew the name Joey Bada$$, but recently his names getting dropped more often; he even hit a track with veterans Black Thought and Raekwon (Not bad for an 18 Y.O kid). Joeys production and flow are truly unique to its own, putting him at #11 on this top 12 list. 10. Roc Marciano: Anyone familiar with Roc should know that he’s no stranger to the game; the former Flipmode squad rapper has been in the game since the turn of the century. But Roc has sat in the shadows in the rap world producer records and stacking paper, but this vet is back at it again and his name for a second time is buzzing. With his most recent “Reloaded” project fresh off its drop, it doesn’t seem Roc’s going anywhere anytime soon. 9. Fiend: Fiend is another one of those rappers that was overlooked and reinvented themselves. The former “Whomp Whomp” New Orleans rapper signed with jet life recordings a while back, and since then he’s dropped a number of mixtapes and collaboration projects. His most recent mixtape “Little Ghetto Boy” received awards from Datpiff and other hip hop sites. 8. Schoolboy Q:Schoolboy has a flow all to his own and finally has quit the following. While he’s been on the scene for a few years now, it’s safe to say that Q is just finally getting the recognition he deserves. Fresh off his new album “Habits and contradictions” the LA local MC has gotten a ton of attention. 7. Trademark The Skydiver: Trade was on the come up from the start of the jet life movement several years ago, and today at the peak of the jet life craze he continues to pop out solid bars. Recently, his solo mixtape “Flamingo Barnes” earned him awards from Datpiff.com. Trade deserves recognition and while Curren$y and other jet life rappers may be outshining him now; things won’t be that way for long. 6. Ab-soul: While this list is dominated primarily by east coast rappers, wed be missing the point entirely to not bring up west coast talent such as Ab-soul. Ab has been killing it since inking his recent deal with Interscope, and he’s been on more features recently than we can count on one hand. 5. Young Roddy: Of all the jet life crew, Roddy likely has the best future in rap among them. No one expected Roddy to have killed his “Good sense” mixtape the way he did, and it earned him the credibility he deserves. Most recently, Roddy dropped “Good sense 2” which was extremely well received. A full length solo album has been hinted at, but nothing as of now has been confirmed. Keep your ears open though, cause that tape will be a game changer. 4. Meyhem Lauren: Meyhem may just be the most talented lyricist of this era. While this queen’s based rapper is not yet getting national attention, bank on the fact that he will be soon. Meyhem over the last several years has really put the work into this, and he deserves respect. Not only is Meyhem an important figure in the rap world, but he’s also a very well respected graff writer in NYC and a very down to earth dude. 3. Casey Veggies: With his “Life changes” mixtape being one of the most popular tapes of the year veggies deserves his spot up at #3. This is a rapper who’s flow overtime has grown and matured into what it is today. Casey himself is only 19 years old so for him to be making waves at this time should say something to everyone. 2. Smoke Dza: Through personal interaction we can say with confidence that not only is smoke a great guy, but he’s an even greater rapper. The “4loko” emcee has very recently been killing it in the hip hop world and is gaining more attention by the day. Recently, MTV has even featured him on shows like 106 and park. DZA won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so remember that name. “RIIIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!”. 1. Action Bronson: This guy is going to change the way the world views rap. Bronson has been on the scene for just over two years now, but the strides he has taken in that time are unparalleled. When “Dr.lector” dropped, the world got a taste for bronsolino’s flow and since then he has dropped a number of tapes and albums. Most recently, action put out the critically acclaimed “Rare Chandeliers” mixtape which was an instant hit. Outside of his own discography action has been featured on dozens of singles since coming onto the scene and has worked with artist the likes of Ghostfacekilla, Riff Raff, French Montana and a number of other Og’s.

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