“Trece” Skateboards by Chaz Bojorquez

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Smogtown Skateboards brings you “Trece”, thirteen artists designing thirteen original skate decks each. The first featured artist is LA’s own master calligrapher, Chaz Bojorquez. This extremely limited series of originals are priced at a mere $400.00 and will be released by Baurmann Fine Arts.  SmogTown stated that the reason behind the low price point is that they wanted to develop a body of work that was accessible to those who actually write graffiti, as opposed to catering to affluent art collectors.  In addition, SmogTown intends on creating 13 different limited edition silkscreen boards in the likeness of the originals that will be sold for $150.00 each in case you miss your chance to swoop one that has been hand painted. The exact date of the release is yet to be determined, contact Baurmann Gallery for more info. 

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Chaz Bojorquez,
Smogtown Skateboards,
Baurmann Fine Arts,

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