TuffCity Styles 2013… Here We Come!

By - Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

From the entire TuffCity crew, we would like to take a minute to thank everyone that painted at and supported TuffCity in 2012, this year we broke the million mark on our youtube channel and we thank all of our peoples that made that happen. Thanks to our brother Wen for all of his tireless work producing all of our videos, and to Brian Dwels for his past video work. So many walls and trains were done we have only been able to share but a fraction of them, we are finally putting together our TuffCity train book which will be out in mid 2013, so so many cars done over the years, its time people saw them. We are also waiting for our first book of 2013 “Serve’s Ultimate Blackbook” to come back from print in early 2013, showcasing Serve’s amazing blackbook drawings, cover to cover, full page action. Straight Savant! On the music tip, our resident artist and brother Night is trying to finalize his record deal and is releasing yet another volume of his incredible work “Body Bag Bars” the latest mix tape from Night, in collaboration with our own producer Biggz. Check out the links for a preview of the fire. We are also looking forward to our next art showing, this one features the work of “Nicer” of the world famous TATS CRU, our friends for many years. Nicer’s show opens February. We are revamping our stores for 2013 and are introducing new products that cater to the “Outlaw Artist” in all of us. Our TuffCitySupply.com online mail order has been gaining momentum and we are revamping the site and adding new products as well as forming our TuffCity team of graffiti/tattoo artists. We have big news to announce in the upcoming weeks, we live this, graff is our life and what makes us who we are, we are artists first and foremost and that is what makes us tick. I have been operating behind the scenes for many years but for 2013 I look forward to showing the world all the works I have been holding back for so long. Ces and Yes2 have a lot in store for the new year as well and they will be bringing it on canvas, concrete and skin. Once again we would like to thank all of our family, friends and supporters from all over the world, you keep us motivated to keep this moving and we are gonna make 2013 a great year for this culture of graff! Happy New Years!!!! -MED

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