Tune Tuesday: MURS – Have A Nice Life

By - Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


If you are unfamiliar with the musical stylings of LA-based rapper and vocalist Murs, or Nick Carter by birth certificate, his newest album Have A Nice Life is a great place to get acquainted.

Have A Nice Life came out on May 18th, as released on the Strange Music label, to which the rapper signed last February.

Over the past two decades, Murs has put out 8 solo albums, 10 collaborative projects, a handful of EPs and countless features. Murs is a former member of Living Legends, and also has acted as lead vocalist for groups The White Mandingos and The Invincibles. Needless to say, he is one of the hardest working rappers in the game and on Have A Nice Life it is clear that Murs putting in long nights at the studio over the past year was well worth it.

Breaking down the album by each of the 14 tracks, there really aren’t any tracks worth skipping over and each is an accomplishment to be celebrated. Murs is a storyteller in his delivery, and his message ranges in its meaning and weight from dead serious to playful. He is known for bringing a consciousness to his lyrics. It is undeniable that Murs keeps it as real as possible.

With lines such as, “I don’t want to die in the streets, I’m too educated,” on one track touching on the #BlackLivesMatter campaign with an ode to the relationship struggles on another — “But today is a new day put on some Axe body spray and some new J’s, do what you have to do to get you laid,” and “Love music, money and my momma, stay away from the douchebags and the drama.” — Murs’ themes vary quite impressively and are wide ranging across the board.

This album features so much rich lyrical content, it is refreshing for listeners looking for the leader in Murs to see him spotlighting as such, with his seemingly effortless strength and confidence. With production by Jesse Shatkin and ¡MAYDAY!, the album is balanced with mellow, laid back beats and upbeat, energetic production, providing something for everyone.

Murs gets personal throughout this album, touching on his career with lines like  “You don’t stop cause you old, you get old cause you stop,” as well as the temptations of being married while on tour on the track, “The Worst.”

12ozProphet picks are “Surprises,” “Woke Up Dead,” “No More Control,” “Pussy and Pizza,” “Skating Through The City,” “PTSD.” The title track isn’t the fan-favorite here, but it’s still an interesting move for Murs to use this one as the opener.

Overall the album is a slam dunk through and through, already in the running for a top hip hop release of 2015, and you can check it out via iTunes, Spotify and other distribution outlets.

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