Tune Tuesday: Oddisee – The Good Fight

By - Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

On a personal scale, the music that we want on our phones and with us at all times, permanently in our iTunes is what I consider the highest praise, we, as listeners, supporters and reviewers, could give an artist.

Oddisee’s The Good Fight is the latest album to warrant a purchase and to deserve a cozy home in our music library. Dropping this first week of May, The Good Fight is a well done album, one that is rooted in hip hop but loosely so, with a clear jazz influence. The production, done by the man Oddisee himself, is a perfect match for his vocals and each individual track has its own vibe.

Full of catchy hooks and lively rhythms, Oddisee’s album is an eclectic showcase of his many talents musically. Vocally, the album reflects the title, with tracks discussing Oddisee’s unique place in the music world – partly torn between craving mainstream recognition and accepting the gift to be able to create as he wants to create. He discusses this throughout several tracks including “Meant It When I Said It,” “Want Something Done” and “Contradiction’s Maze.” Overall, the album is a dialogue about life and the music industry, as well as life in the music industry, and the artist presents where he’s at in a way that welcomes an honest back-and-forth with its audience.


Production-wise, this album may be among Oddisee’s strongest works. It is orchestral, dynamic, unique and overall, has a large-sounding, soulful feel to it. The album balances the cool and calm, the upbeat and chaotic, the blissed out and the accomplished. Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardener, Oddisee’s album can be filed under the “forward-thinking” category, a deserved feat for the artist’s 10th studio release.

For new listeners, it comes highly recommended to dive into Oddisee’s mixtapes, as well as 2012’s People Hear What They See, which really showcase his production and vocal talents. That being said, there’s just something about The Good Fight that makes the listener really root for Oddisee, on all levels. Even the album art has me on board.

It’s an album for the every day – put it on while driving, cleaning, working out, drinking a beer. Overall, an excellent album for fans of great music, regardless of genre.

 Check it via Bandcamp below.

The Good Fight by Oddisee

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