Typoe Interview on Live Fast Mag

By - Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

{image-2} We just found this great new interview with Typoe conducted by Live Fast Mag. Typoe is a Miami based graffiti writer who has become a major advocate for public art in the city as one of the main forces behind Primary Flight and Primary Projects gallery, as well as having a thriving art career himself. Scroll down to read an excerpt from the interview and click here to read it in full. Art simply cannot be confined to any one medium, expression, act, or material and the same “no-rules” approach applies whenever Miami-based mastermind Typoe is involved. Partner in the creative powerhouse, Primary Projects, Typoe has crafted his reality to reflect his wildest dreams and reveals his point of view through the use and abuse of the unexpected. Whatever the unexpected may be… I recently had a moment to catch up with Typoe while in Miami to find out what makes this young genius tick. {image-1} LF: At what age did you start getting all weird and creative? TYPOE: I have been doing weird shit since I could move. I feel like I was made to do what I’m doing. I just see the world and react to it. I remember being a little tot, crawling around my parents house writing my name under tables and secret places just to put myself out there. It was always a natural urge for me to respond to spaces and try to understand everything around me. In elementary school I made a drawing of me at the top of the stairs holding someone’s head and their body was falling down the stairs. Needless to say, there was a parent teacher conference that followed directly after. When the teacher held up my work for my parents to see my mom said “Wow, that is great perspective in that drawing.” Luckily, I was brought up to go after my dream and had great support from my family. Check out the Live Fast Mag website and read the interview in full. {image-4} Source: Live Fast Mag

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