“Unlawful Conduct” – 6 Years of Photos by Robert LeBlanc

By - Monday, August 31st, 2015

Tomorrow, September 1st, American documentary photographer Robert LeBlanc will release what looks to be an incredible book. Shot over a length of 6 years with a 35mm point & shoot camera, “Unlawful Conduct” is Robert LeBlanc’s depiction of a lifestyle, capturing the “beautifully dark view of the modern world around us.”

We got a sneak-peek at the book, and we must say it is a seriously dope collection of photos. Having produced a number of books ourselves, we love to see creative design paired with stellar photography and vision, and this book has got it.

Printed on 154 pages of the highest quality archival paper and limited to only a 100 copies, each book is hand numbered and enclosed in a special limited edition case hand painted on both cover and inside. All 100 cases where put together to create a large canvas for a graffiti piece, and the cover will be hand tagged, making each case completely unique. Inside each case will be a 8 x 10 photo print.

“Unlawful Conduct” will be available tomorrow, September 1st, on Robert LeBlanc website, or exclusively at T-Site and So Books in Tokyo in mid October, after then the remaining copies will ship November 1st


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