Recap: "Urban Legends" Public Art Exhibition at Chalk Gallery in Venice

By - Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

On April 29, a handful of artists involved in the Urban Legends public art exhibition gathered to unwind from the two-day long festivities to enjoy an afternoon of barbecuing and painting at Chalk Gallery in Venice. Chalk opened its doors and offered its walls to legends including Chor Boogie, Estria, Vyal, Jher and Woier as well as friends Krush TWS, DJ Neff and Just. From the roof top patio to a scaffold in the back, every exposed wall was charmed with a spray painted piece. The gallery also serves as the main headquarters for Canlove co-owned by Paul Ramirez and DJ Neff. A revolutionary non-profit recycling program, Canlove takes old spray cans and transforms the discarded material into works of art. Neff and Ramirez, graciously provided their signature can bouquets for the Urban Legends awards ceremony which recognized individuals for their contributions to public art. “We were honored to be a part of Urban Legends exhibition this year. To work alongside such incredible organizations like The Estria Foundation, MCLA, SPARC, and the LA Art Machine is a dream for us. We’re all working tirelessly to celebrate, enrich, and support public art,” commented Neff. There could not be a better way to come down from an eventful weekend then watching a wide range of artists doing what they enjoy. “Having a jam session at Chalk with some of the legends from the show- like Chor Boogie, Estria, Vyal, Jher, Woier, Just, DJ Neff, and Krush TWS -was the best way to end an amazing weekend,” recounts Ramirez. “Our walls were blessed, bellies were filled, and new friends and family were made. For us, this is what it’s all about.” Check out Chalk Gallery To learn more about Canlove program as well as how to contribute. Text: Keisha Leng Photo: Birdman

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