URNEWYORK x Magna Carta Holy Grail

By - Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

URNEWYORK x MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL from Mosaic New York on Vimeo.

American Graffiti and visual-arts collective, URNEWYORK, have raised the bar yet again. Able by chance to obtain one of the very limited edition, JAY-Z – MAGNA CARTA, hardcopy lyric booklets, SKI and 2ESAE of URNEWYORK have created 20 unique artworks directly onto each of the “lyric” sheets of heavy paper. UR, as perhaps the sole artists being given a copy, decided to create a sort of (re)work. Appropriating the Jay-Z brand’s idea, and redistributing the gift back into the population. 5 works, one for each of the 5 boroughs of New York City, are slated to be given out via city-wide scavenger hunt, with details emerging soon on @URNEWYORK. URNEWYORK salutes the Brooklyn legend, Jay-Z, as a great lyricist, teacher, entrepreneur, and business mogul. But most of all, for being an inspiration. 2ESAE expounds, “One of the few individuals having come from the same streets, and roots as us, and always kept it true to our way of living, our own motto, “be who you are”. Obtaining your dreams by keeping it real and never compromising your beliefs.” What more can you say? “No king is above the law#MAGNACARTA urnewyork.com stay tuned on@urnewyork on twitter and instagram for scavenger hunt. source: Mosaic New York

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