Style: Us Versus Them "Gangs of the New World" Tshirt Collection

By - Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Us Versus Them comes correct…again. Coming hard with a two-tee match up within their latest collection. The brand started by Graham Nystrom, Mike Glory and James Banuelos in Southern California; sure have a few words to accompany this creative and much needed change from the regular “billboard me up” graphic tee. Here’s an excerpt from the Us Versus Them website regarding their feelings: “The only way to move forward is to eliminate all ideology as Authority. You can always learn from the opposition. They can always learn from you. You can go left, or right- or you can grab a machete and clear your own path. It is not the easier choice, it requires work, and it will not reward you immediately, but you’ll find in time that progress and true liberty can only come through those willing to subvert the status quo. FUCK WHAT YOU KNOW.” To read the rest, cop a tee (or two) and see what else the UVT Team has to offer, please go to their site Source: Us Versus Them Words: Milk / Kill The Giant

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