Vans presents PROPELLER skateboarding video to be released May 2015

By - Monday, March 16th, 2015

Vans has announced the release of its first feature-length global skateboarding video, PROPELLER, to be released May 2015. The video, directed by filmmaker Greg Hunt, whose resume boasts music videos for Cat Power and M83 among other popular artists and brands, presents a sweeping snapshot of modern skateboarding. Check out the trailer for PROPELLER above. After having survived an unusually cold, enduring winter and watching the trailer, the New York-based 12oz crew is itching to ride.

The title of the film, PROPELLER, is a sort of double-entendre. It refers to the simple fact that skateboarders “propel” themselves forward physically, with the “kick and push” rhythm that Lupe Fiasco describes in his 2006 single and skateboarding homage, and to the community of skaters, making videos and skating daily, “propelling” the subculture of skateboarding and solidifying its roots within broader movements. 

Featuring world-class skateboarding legends like Tony Trujllo, Chima Ferguson, Steve Caballero, Jason Dill, and many more, this star-powered film is sure to renew skate momentum and enthusiasm as snow melts and spring arrives on the East Coast and skaters prepare to hit the streets. 


For more details about the Vans’ first feature-length skateboarding film and release, click here.

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