Very One Interview on MTN World

By - Saturday, January 12th, 2013

The Osaka Ambassador, Very One sat down for an interview with MTN World. Here’s a couple of excerpts from the full interview on MTN World, in which Very talks a bit about graffiti in Japan: What are the differences that the Japanese graffiti scene has from the rest of the world? Compared to Western cultures, there are hardly any writers here. Simply, It’s hard being a writer here because the city population is highly concentrated with snitching strangers and creeping cameras, It’s depend on the city though. Using spray paint in general is seen as a criminal activity so there aren’t any legal projects. Compared with other countries, the proportion of Toys to the writer population is probably about the same. None-the-less, there are plenty of talented and original writers. On the daily, you read and write with the Japanese Alphabet. We Western cultures use the Latin Alphabet. Yet, you paint with the Latin Alphabet.  How does this affect your graffiti? I bomb all around the world. Graffiti painted in Japan will be spread via internet and since my whole purpose is to have as many people notice you, I end up writing in the legible Roman letters as oppose to the unrecognizable Japanese characters regardless of how cool Kanji looks. Source: Los Montana

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