Veterans Day: In Memory of Sure

By - Friday, November 11th, 2011

It’s natural for our generation not to think very much about Veterans Day. The holiday celebrates those who have been to war and have made it back to tell their stories but I used to dismiss it as just another day off from school or work. It’s most often associated with our parents generation, or grandparents even with reflections of Vietnam, World War II, and World War I, which Veterans Day originally celebrated the end of. The US has been at war in Afghanistan since 2001 and Iraq since 2003. There are almost 500,000 Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veterans. As distant as it all seems, those fighting and losing their lives at war are not so different than the 12ozProphet reader. There are actually a handful of graffiti writers that are not only bombing the streets but are also fighting on the front lines. The New York graffiti writer Sure was born and bred in Brooklyn and enlisted in the Marines directly out of High School. At one point he was the youngest Intelligence Officer in the entire United States Marine Corp and had become a sergeant at 23 years old. All while returning home whenever possible and maintaining his status as one of the most prolific and elegant names on the streets of New York. Almost a year ago Sure was in Afghanistan where he was helping train the Afghan Army when he was tragically killed by a suicide bomber on December 5, 2010. The 12ozProphet team mourns the loss of all of those who have passed over the years and celebrate those who have risked their lives to fight for the nation and are still standing strong today.

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