Recap: Victor Solomon “Literally Balling” at Soze Gallery

By - Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Soze Gallery just had its opening for “Literally Balling,” a collection of new work by Victor Solomon and his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Literally Balling presents five new stained glass basketball backboards, adorned with custom 24 karat gold plated hoops and woven Swarovski crystal nets. As basketball and its stars ascend to new cultural dominance, re-building the sport’s iconic symbol with the same painstaking medium both celebrates its evolution and satirizes the same ironic instinct to trade intention for opulence. Solomon’s latest collection appropriates luxury material and antiquated processes to parallel a history of impractical grandeur. The show is the result of Solomon’s year-long apprenticeship under the last remaining stained-glass masters and hundreds of hours of fastidious, historically accurate craftsmanship. Theres even a Literally Balling “zine” elevated to engraved brass plates, gold leaf and set faux diamonds!! The exhibit is from Sept. 8th – Oct. 8th. Check out our recap and video from the opening night. 

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Photos, video: Birdman

Words: press release


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