Video: 1st To Do It – Larry Lovebone "The Wilt Chamberlain of The Graff Game"

By - Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

1st To Do It is a video series shining the light of pioneers and innovaters. People who changed the game and paved the way for generations to follow. In this video they re-write history and break down who Larry Lovebone was, a most significant and overlooked pioneer in the graff world. Forget Taki183 and Cornbread, apparently Lovebone is that man who inspired MSK. “Larry was the The Wilt Chamberlain of The Graff Game” –Rime From 1st To Do It: 1st To Do it chronicles some of the most innovative, daring and unknown maverick’s in the fields of art, music, sports and fashion. Through arduous research, spanning the stacks at toppled libraries to unearthed microfilm, these pioneers were the first people to do things that seem quite commonplace in today’s society. 1st To Do It is an ongoing series of short documentaries that sheds a much needed light on the people who made their mark first. It’s often disputed in the world of graffiti just who was the first writer to put their moniker up illegally. The vanguard of American graffiti artists, including REVOK, RIME and SABER contribute to the legend of Larry Lovebone, who many art historians have disregarded and omitted from the chronicles of style-writing due to his other cultural contributions during the sexual revolution in the 1960s. In his own words, Mr. Lovebone tells the tale of his infamous tag and its origins in his ability to bed copious amounts of women from every race, culture, creed and religion. Source: Bankshot

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