Above’s Blood Diamond Mural Makes A Statement in South Africa’s Diamond District

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Back in November, Above painted one of the largest and most talked about murals during Art Basel Miami, the controversial piece solicited response from CBS News, Fox News, and the Miami Times. Pushing further into political and social commentary boundaries, Above painted this new giant mural confronting blood diamond wars right under their noses.

Above painted easily one of the largest and in your face political statements on the exterior wall of Johannesburg’s Jewel City, a six-block mega-precinct that serves as a base for some 300 diamond traders as well as South Africa’s Diamond Board and State Traders Association. Jewel City is the largest diamond exporter in the southern hemisphere with over R7-Billion worth of Diamonds being exported every year.

As told by Above,

“Africa has had a devastating history of blood diamond wars. Blood diamond refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and then sold to finance an invading army’s war efforts, usually in Africa where more than two-thirds of the worlds diamonds are extracted.”

“I was able to get away with this diamond wall heist because I told the owners I would paint in big letters “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” on the exterior of their building.  The owners loved the idea and all quickly agreed. The next day I had started painting, but what the owners didn’t know is that I lied to them and was hijacking their wall.”

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ipod90 - Tuesday April 10, 2012 at 09:49 PM...


I don’t mind this piece. However the message is a little cliché.
This is reminder to all writers globally that originality is key.


@ipod90So is Scale! And how about location? This piece blew me away. It’s huge, it’s clean, and if he truly made that statement in the heart of South Africa’s diamond district… That shit is ILL!

theblakkat on 12ozProphet

forget the piece! look at that 2 headed black guy!

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