Preview: Back to the Style Jam, Italy

By - Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Check the short video above for a promo on this year’s event. Reposted from: Bates Back to the Style, in conjunction with Bereshit, will take place in Naples, Italy on September 29th, 2013. Their website and facebook list who will be attending this year so far, including: Druid (Netherland), Abyss (Sweden), Bates (Denmark), Musa (Spain), Soten (Denmark), Great (Poland), Dizer (France), Brus (Italy), Most (Germany), Heis, Reso (France). From the Bereshit site: “Back to the Style was an old way conceived hip hop jam, a place in which some of the best writers, breakers, bikers, mc’s and dj’s of all Europe. To watch, to listen, to deeply enter into a culture, to listen to its vibrations and to live its true spirit: we went Back to the Style! To meld together entertainment and education, developing a new way to reach the people. Graffiti and spontaneous aggregation become a way to promote our city and to put the emphasis on our territory. Back to the Style it’s an annual meeting promoted by Bereshit.” Check the video below for a recap of last year’s event.

Source: Bates, Back to the Style

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