Video: Boston Graffiti: FUGUE THT

By - Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

FUGUE is one of the up-most and destructive forces in the Boston graffiti scene. His work can be found all over the city’s numerous neighborhoods with everything from rooftop pieces, street level fill-ins and tracksides and on every line of Boston’s public transit. Representing Boston’s THT crew, FUGUE is  the undeniable driving force behind Boston’s current graffiti scene.

FUGUE made national news last year and started a huge discussion across many online platforms, everything from the Boston Globe to Complex Magazine, even Reddit has a thread dedicated to the historic train cars he painted that had been untouched for nearly 50 years. MBTA Transit Police even went as far as posting his mugshot on their Twitter account. Although many people are undeniably against him and have a lot of criticism about this act of vandalism, his work speaks for itself.

This video takes a look at some of FUGUE’s in-your-face antics and shows us why FUGUE embodies the mentality of a true vandal. Narrated by the man himself, we get a direct look at what FUGUE represents as he describes his reasoning for this type of lifestyle and why graffiti is the outlet he has chosen to make a name for himself. Take a look at this extremely well put together film by Harrison Searle and share your own thoughts on FUGUE. 

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