Video: Clam Nation “Clamo’s Secret Cubby Hole”

By - Saturday, December 20th, 2014

In a box truck parked in an empty lot off of 18th street in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Clam Nation held his first solo show. Clamo’s Secret Cubby Hole opened on October 10th and closed the next night. The show was a collection of work made while Clam Nation lived for a month in the Hot Box, a box truck turned mobile gallery.

Clam Nation lived alone in the Hot Box and did nothing but create for a months time. He slept on a twin mattress on the floor and turned the front seat into a desk. He had to endure cold nights and even went as far as to build a makeshift roof to keep the sound of rain on a metal roof from driving him crazy. He worked with a lot of found materials from the alley ways and abandoned buildings of Chicago. His flyers were printed on paper found in an abandoned building after a long discussion with a bum on why he was in there in the first place.

Hundreds of pieces ranging in price from one dollar to a few hundred covered every inch of the walls from floor to ceiling. The night of the show they rolled open the back door and people packed the truck and hung out at the bonfire next to it. With a make shift roof, murals on every wall inside and out, and even art in the hub caps there was plenty to see at this show. Clam Nation shows the work of one man using Chicago’s forgotten spaces to create and showcase his work.

A few pieces that were not sold at the show are up on RTST’s Big Cartel.

Video: RTST x Clamo’s Secret Cubby Hole Source: RTST Creative Online Shop: RTST Creative Big Cartel

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